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The negative early-experiences findings of the Chichester study led to a focusing upon the marriage data that had been collected in that study. Two lines of enquiry became possible: examining the association between quality of marriage and mental illness (Birtchnell & Kennard, 1983a and b) and examining the links between early experiences and aspects of marriage (Birtchnell & Kennard, 1982 and 1984). The first of these proved particularly fruitful and demonstrated a highly significant association. Whilst it seemed most likely that it was the poor marriage that led to the psychiatric symptoms, clearly the psychiatric symptoms would also play a part in the deterioration of the marriage (Birtchnell, 1986). One important finding (Birtchnell & Kennard, 1982) was that the mental health of women who had left poor marriages was significantly better than that of women who stayed in them.

I began to direct my attention to methods of measuring marital quality and to the development of a measure of my own. I enlisted the help of the Marriage Guidance Council, now called Relate, to test the validity of the measure (Birtchnell, 1985, 1988). I also began to speculate about the causes of marital breakdown in terms of my developing theory (Birtchnell, 1986).



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