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Attempted suicide and suicidal behaviour

My interest in attempted suicide was initially stimulated by a finding from my MD study that there was a connection between attempted suicide and parent death (Birtchnell, 1970). The two papers I wrote with José Alarcon in 1971 were the result of José testing attempted suicides in the accident and emergency department in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary as part of his requirement for the Diploma in Psychotherapy. The two papers I wrote in 1974-75 were the result of a shared interest in menstruation with Sandra Floyd, who later became my wife.

My interest in attempted suicide was reinforced when, in 1970, I moved to a research unit in which there was a particular interest in suicide. The 1981 study on familial and clinical characteristics was based upon data I was collecting on suicidal patients in the North East of Scotland Psychiatric Case Register (started in 1968). The (1983a) paper on psychotherapeutic considerations grew out of a project I started in this unit (in collaboration with Barbara Nelson) on the psychotherapy of suicidal patients, which was prematurely stopped by the unit director. The (1983b) study on life histories (which also included accounts of some actual suicides) was the result in a related interest in what leads people to suicide. The series of studies with Doros Pallis, was also linked to the data I was collecting from patients on the North East of Scotland Psychiatric Case Register. Doros eventually obtained an MD from Aberdeen University for his thesis on attempted suicide.

When I moved to Chichester in 1970 I soon became involved in the work of the Samaritans. I was a consultant for the local branch of the Samaritans from 1972 to 1982, and spoke at a number of Samaritan conferences, including the UK annual conference. The series of articles I wrote in The Samaritan was associated with this involvement. The Samaritans invited me to take over the care of some of their more difficult clients.



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